Five Psychological Assets of Koreans Helping to Overcome Coronavirus crisis

Five Psychological Assets of Koreans Helping to Overcome Coronavirus crisis

South Korea is setting an example for the world in response to the coronavirus.
Among the reasons are five psychological assets of Koreans.

First, the sincerity of Koreans

Jeong Eun-kyung, director of Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is a symbol of sincere Koreans.
KCDC has shown its dedication, silently doing its part.
The Korean people also faithfully practiced personal hygiene, social distance, and self-quarantine.
Koreans will continue to overcome the immediate economic and social crises with sincerity.

Second, the passion of Koreans

The enthusiasm shown by the medical staff who ran to Daegu, the people who spent the night designing the drive-through test, and the people who developed the kit to diagnose the coronavirus in the shortest time allowed us to go back to our daily lives a little more.
This passion for developing a new system will reveal the future.
The crisis of employment and industrial structure will also be overcome by the activation of this passionate system.

Third, the solidarity of Koreans

The people gave up their masks to others without hoarding them, and older mothers donated them after making them out of cloth. Many building owners cut rent and many people donated anti-disaster basic income.
This social solidarity is helping South Korea overcome the coronavirus.

We hope this solidarity will lead to good employment, good consumption, and good sharing and become a new social safety net.

Fourth, Korean transparency

Leaders of all local governments made public the occurrence of patients without hiding them and thoroughly examined their movements and shared them with the public. Building trust in safety through such transparent information has helped South Korea overcome its current difficulties.
This transparency will also work in the course of overcoming future crises.

Fifth, a sense of cooperation.

Each citizen’s cooperation in washing their hands, wearing masks, keeping cough etiquette, and keeping social distance has paid off.
The participation of each citizen who realizes how important cooperation and unity are in an infectious disaster is the success factor in overcoming the coronavirus.
If these cooperation is exercised in various future crises, it will be a great help in overcoming economic and social difficulties.

New Normal is a state we’re making.

Now we have to look back at where the coronavirus infection disaster has swept away and re-fill it.
Many experts say where we should go is New Normal.
But New Normal isn’t in a fixed state, it’s a state we’re making.
Koreans will make a model of New Normal with five psychological assets that helped them overcome the coronavirus.

– Kim Hyun-soo, director of the Seoul Covid 19 Psychological Support Center

  • 시민 여러분의 소셜미디어를 활용한 링크 공유는 자유로우며 정보의 확산을 위해 많은 공유를 부탁드립니다.
  • 하지만, 컨텐츠 전체를 복사해서 붙여넣는 식의 무단 전제는 허용되지 않습니다.
  • 내용을 요약해서 소개하거나 일부를 인용할 수 있으나 정보의 출처를 명확하게 하고 전체 내용을 파악할 수 있도록 출처(서울시 covid19 심리지원단) 및 원문 링크를 기재해 주시기 바랍니다.
  • 기업, 기관 등에서 활용하고자 하는 경우에는 심리지원단 이메일(로 문의바랍니다.

새로 올라온 정보를 이메일로 받아보세요!

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